The Atlantean Source Codes is a creative and spiritual project that includes a deck of 44 cards, each featuring a unique design and energetic vibration. They represent channeled frequencies here to help us shake off old programming, and awaken to new possibilities. Only a few decks have been printed so far. More coming early 2019!

For a limited time – I am offering personal readings using these cards by phone or video. With each reading, I learn even more about the language of the cards. In that process, I receive and share more than words. It’s all about the energy.

Daily Readings

East, Emissary, Moon

Recent readings have all been pointing to the changes that are happening, and more that are coming. Today’s reading suggests that the more you can be in the magic of the moment, the more your Soul will grow through these changes. No matter how familiar the sensations of late, this is a new day in a new world. Shake off old energies to allow new light to shine on your situation. Today is a wonderful day to pause, affirm, and appreciate the grand design that is at work in your life, mysteries and all.

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Home, Express, Atlantis

As you approach a time of greater joy and abundance, consider first taking a break from trying to measure up to expectations of others. This is a time of change, and a time to express and create. Give yourself space to simply be, feel, and share new energies. Whatever gets in the way is a great place to focus your healing work.

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Vortices, West, Goat

Grander vistas and viewpoints are opening up to you. The key is to balance openness with focus. You want to be open to, and aware of, all that is available. The now is all about a time of harvesting energy. Take a little time to be in a place of joy regarding a project or job well done. Allow this energy and joy to help restore your confidence in yourself. Goat energy suggests that you proceed with sure-footedness, tenacity, and curiosity.

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As a Coach, Integrative Chakra Therapy® Practitioner, and Artist, I have been helping clients ignite inner wisdom and healing since 2012.

Channeling, traveling, marking art, and healing work — in one form or another — have been with me since early childhood. All that I do involves continuous integration and learning from previous incarnations, along with active communication with my soul collective.

Read what a few of Roger’s clients have said about his channeling and energy healing work.


Expect to be wowed and walk away with a long-term resource of tremendous value, both spiritually and pragmatically. I can’t recommend the transception sessions or Roger more highly.

– Rachel White


I’ll just say I was blown away with how I felt after my session with Roger… He was really able to interpret my energy in a way I’ve never experienced.

– Julianne C


I do love the Elk – I needed to hear what they had to share – thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Anne C., SF Bay Area

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